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 "Oils, Brews & Potions To Set Things In Motion"


Magical Mojo Bags


Here at The Witch's Garden we are well known for our blends of magical ingrediants,crystals,amulets,creations and rituals . We work with the elemants daily to be aligned and connected so we can heal and empower the world one person at a time. We will send you a bag ith a combination of roots and oils as well as Reiki Energy and totem symbols we prepare this and you can carry it on yourself or place in your household or business. These will be prepared to order and once they arrive you just place and activate by following the enclosed instructions. Infuse a space with the energies needed by hanging different ones in the corners creating a protective and enchantd vortex or simply give it as a gift to a loved one or keep in your car,purse ,home or work  These are very versitile and are a great way to bring a bit of magic to everyday life so that energies may be balanced and flow at it's highest potential.

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