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16 Ounce Palo Santo Oil


We have been blessed with an amazing source of sustainable and legally harvested Palo Santo wood and oil directly from Ecuador. We have been working with this family for over 10 years when we started using their sacred brewed oil in our products as well as selling it in our shop,events and online worldwide. This oil is hard to come by has a thick consitency and is very potent. It is great for anxiety and deppression as well as to eliminate bad energies and protect your self and space. The wood is burned for ceremony as an offering and can also be drank as an infusion for bronchitas and sore throats.I think the most magical fact of this sacred wood is that the tree must die of natural causes and wood sit on the forest floor for over seven years before the oil is produced at the quality which makes it highly medicinal otherwise it is useless and the oil almost watery and the wood barely burns.We no longer have our shop and want to share the oportunity for other healers,schools and businesses from experiancing the product and bringing it to their communities so we now offer it wholesale to the general public. These are bulk packages and delivery wil take between 4-6 weeks depending on our imports. If you have any questions prior to purchase message us at [email protected]


or call 305-953-5546

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