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A few clients showing some love :)

Quotes Ok. I was in a point in my feel where I felt very lost. I was dealing with recovering from a traumatic reconstructive knee surgery. Through out my recovery all of the fears and phobias that I had suppressed for most of my life had resurrected. I was scared to be alone and scared of suffocating. I started looking for help in the spiritual world. On my search I went on to try kundalini awakening but it did just that awaken more of the problems I was dealing with. I went to the Witch's Garden in search of help on how to control all these emotions and fears. I am very susceptible to people's energies and it is so hard for me to control my own emotions. I knew a regular doctor would not understand me, and only think I had some kind of mental disorder. I got a reading from Marizel and she told me so much about myself. I have gotten a lot of readings before but Marizel is by far the most gifted psychic I have ever met. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I found the shop on the internet as I was looking for crystals and some herbs. Little did I know my own guardian spirit brought me there as he had some things to say through Marizel. Since that day I knew that was the place I'd continue to go to for my spiritual needs & growth. After a few times of visiting the shop for readings and with Marizel and supplies, I started Spiritual Therapy sessions with Marizel to unblock some blockages I had in a couple of my chakra areas. Little did I know that from just the first session I felt lighter and more open spiritually. It's been an ongoing process where with each session I feel closer and stronger in my spirituality. The Witch's Garden feels like a second home to me. I see myself as part of their spiritual family for many years to come. Quotes
A Happy Customer

Quotes The Witch's Garden is more than a store; it is a headquarters for Pagans and practitioners to meet and to share our experiences. It is where seasoned Shamans and Witches gather to help those ?newly reborn? or ?just awakened? adjust their sight and walk their own paths. It is what I love to call an ?energy spa? ? a place where, if you are beset by negativity, you can walk in and cleanse and center yourself. And if you don?t buy the hocus-pocus of it all, buy a few fancies from them: it will charm you in its own way. Live, Love, and Blessed Be. Quotes
Rebecca Hu
Customer & Friend

Quotes Marizel and Armando have changed my life and my whole perception on spirituality. They taught me how to channel my energies into positive. Their disarming, warm, nonjudgemental approach should be emulated. I practice the rituals Marizel suggested and I am seeing great improvements, I am more intuitive and grounded. Quotes
Thanks so much

Quotes I absolutely love going to the Witch's Garden. The store is very cozy and has the most amazing atmosphere and energy, you never want to leave. The owners, Armando and Marizel, are both kind, great and gifted people. Would recommend this store to anyone with an open mind and open heart Quotes
Amazing People, Store and Energy
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